APRD 1001 - Creative Concepts

Course Goals:

The goal of this course is to expose students to the creative processes, approaches, critical thinking and empathy that are used by many disciplines within the creative industry everyday to generate and invent ideas, leading to better, more effective communication and experiences. The industry is changing rapidly, but the need for creativity is a constant.

Course Objectives
Creativity and Process
  • Traits, blocks to creativity, working in teams, creative process steps, writing a brief, and presenting your work
Structured brainstorming
  • Rules, whiteboarding, sticky notes, roles and insights
  • Wireframing, user flows, digital prototyping
  • Pacing and development basics
  • What is a brand?, creating a moodboard, logo design
Visual Communication
  • Branding, campaigns, websites and apps
Expected Learning Outcomes
  • Research and discover
  • Invent and articulate ideas and concepts
  • Understanding of creative disciplines, roles and responsibilities in an agency
  • Possess working knowledge of effective approaches to creative problem solving
  • Present your work effectively
Project Description:
You are to create Print Advertisements for 3 different companies that are related in some way.
  • I chose to do Print Advertisements for Lululemon, Vans, and Oakley.  All three of those brands sell athletic apparel
Project Description:
You will come up with a public health or safety campaign on an issue of your choice.  This campaign should have the potential for replication with a while series of messages related to the same theme. 
Project Description:
Using the plot summary that you wrote for the real/ fake B movie, design a promotional poster.  Your poster will need to give audiences a feel for the film, what to expect etc. it should involve a tag line.  There are many ways you can create the poster.  You can hand-draw it, do an online collage, uses cartoon software, Photoshop, illustrator, or whatever other software you prefer.

Summary of the Movie:

This movie takes place in the 1990s in London, England.  There is a single mother (Blake Lively), that has three children (Lexi Miller, Bailee Madison, and Jade Pettyjohn), the family of 4 lives a very normal life in the middle of the London, England.  The mother was a big part of the children’s lives because of their dad, her husband died when the children were at a young age.  Or what they thought was a normal life.  

When the children were at the ages 7, 10, and 15 they noticed their mom wasn’t acting normal.  They thought maybe she was sick or something.  She started to be less and less a part of their lives until one day Lexi Miller (15) realized that she was basically her mother.  She was making breakfast, packing school lunches, getting everyone ready for school and making dinner.  Lexi realized the situation and decided to talk to her two sisters about it and see what their thoughts were.  

They all decided that they would individually try to spend time with their mom so that someone was with her at all points of the day to make sure she was alright.  Blake (the mom) didn’t realize what the girls were doing.  On the first night Lexi was in charge of their mom, so she was sneaking around the house trying to figure out where she goes at night time.  Lexi followed her mother to the basement, which was odd because they NEVER go in their basement.  Lexi watched her mother get into a bed then close something on her, she was so confused.  A couple minutes later the lid came open and her mom was wrapped in something… something that makes her look a whole lot like a mummy. 

Project Description:
Pick on idea from your 35 that you can develop into a concept for advertising this object.  You will need to create a print advertisement that showcases your concept.