APRD 3004 - Account Management 

Course Description:
This course is designed to provide an understanding of the creative brief process and its ultimate outcome as a piece of creative product. This course will explore various businesses and categories and their needs from an advertising agency. In doing so, students will be exposed to multiple agency models, the relationships between clients and agencies and how to think critically through business problems & insights. The goal of the course is to educate students on the agency's role and offer a more diverse perspective of the account services discipline, and leave CU better prepared to enter today’s agency job market.

​Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes:

  • Traditional advertising agency structure vs. structure of small, creative agencies. Including roles of typical/past account management vs strategic account management

  • Roles and responsibilities of a strategic account manager in today’s advertising agency

  • Process-Oriented vs. Product-Oriented models of account service

  • The role of account planning and the state of planning in the industry today

  • Importance of strategy to seizing creative opportunity - the Account Executive’s role in that process

  • Practicing strategic account leadership versus mere account management

  • Presenting, selling, and standing up for your agency's work and POV

  • Playing nice in the sandbox - developing good relationships with creatives

  • Fundamentals of good client relationships - importance of good client relations to the strategic Account Executive

  • Strategic account service applied to interactive projects and agencies

  • Unique applications of the account service skill set

  • New business and the Account Executive’s role in it

  • Engagement – the Account Executive’s art of bringing in the right people at the right time

  • Running the show: from account management to agency

Final Project Description:

Reverse-engineer, research, present and "sell" a group of clients on an integrated campaign idea that gets the world to think about Taco Bell. Your team will need to prepare to answer questions from the client group which may include the account people, creative team, even clients responsible for producing the actual campaign. (Client is Taco Bell - Nacho Fries)

Final Project Posters for Presentation:

Movie Poster

Example of a movie poster placed in a movie theater 

Story Board 1

Story Board 2

Story Board 3

Creative Briefs

Over the course of the class we were asked to take already made campaigns and rewrite the creative brief. below are a few examples of creative briefs I rewrote.