Co-Curricular Leadership Experiences


Reflection Essay:
During the Summer of 2017, I was able to attend the Colorado Capital Conference in Washington D.C.  The Colorado Capital Conference is offered to all residents across Colorado.  You apply by April for the conference that is held in late June.  It was an opportunity for me to get a better understanding of the US federal legislative process; and allowed me to interact with different members in Congress, the President’s cabinet, Senators, Supreme Court Members and other relevant leaders in Washington D.C.  I selected this as one of my Co-Curricular Leadership Experiences because it was something that I felt deepened my understanding for leadership in politics.  In spring of 2017 I took comparative politics which let me look at leadership in political context.  We learned about a lot of places but didn’t get to learn about The United States.  This conference allowed me to think about the leadership theories practiced by other countries and compare it to The United States.  It gave me the opportunity to compare some of the leaders from The United States to leaders that I studied in class from Germany, Russia, Bolivia, and China.  One of the biggest things that I can take away from the conference is the importance of active listening.  All weekend I was surrounded by powerful leaders of The United States.  I learned that there is a time and place to speak out and share my opinion and there is a time and place to take in what others around me are saying.  In my group interaction class I learned about listening and how to have good listening skills and the importance of practicing it.  Until I was at that conference I didn’t have a good opportunity to apply those listening skills that I was taught.  The conference gave me an opportunity to apply and develop my leadership skills at a non-school event.
List of Speakers:
  • Senator Cory Gardner

  • Senator Michael F. Bennet

  • Senator Tim Scott

  • Senator Cory Brooker

  • Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

  • Minority Leader Chuck Schumer

  • House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy

  • Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States Nell Gorsuch

  • Ambassador Ahn, The Republic of Korea​

  • Molly Ball, Journalist for the Atlantic

  • Arthur Brooks, President American Enterprise

  • Sylvia Burwell, Former Secretary of Health and Human Services

  • Ezra Klein, Editor- in- Chief Vox News

  • John Dickerson, Political Director CBS News

  • President Bruce Benson, University of Colorado

  • Ben Miller, American Progress

  • President Tim Foster, Colorado Mesa University

  • Frank Luntz, American Political Consultant


Reflection Essay:
Over the summer of 2017, I got my Yoga Instructor License.  This was a six-week long experience of developing from being a yoga student to a yoga instructor.  Then there was a follow-up extension period to give us experience teaching before deciding if we wanted to try-out to become a teacher at a studio.  Through my first 6-week course I saw a big change in myself as a leader.  Going into the training I was the youngest person there and the only one who was there just because I love the practice of yoga and I was not set on becoming an instructor.  This training helped me with speaking in front of others in a different setting than giving a class presentation, or working in a group project.  In yoga, you speak in a different tone depending on the part of class, this translates back into any speech that you are giving or just talking with a group.  There is a time and a place to have a soft voice and a time and place to have a demanding voice and to be loud.  Throughout the training, I focused a lot on my body language.  We learned about how depending on how you stand you can show confidence without even speaking.  The training made me think about things that I learned in Renewing Democracy, Fall 2016.  In Renewing Democracy, we focused a lot on how you have to talk and interact to kids different than you talk to your peers or elders.  This translates to being a yoga instructor because you will act different in front of a class of college students than you will a class with mainly older community members.  The skills that I learned in Renewing Democracy like about being in charge and showing confidence really developed during the first six-week long program of my yoga teacher training.