LEAD 4000: Capstone

Course Description:
LEAD 4000 offers a vision of leadership development that focuses on students becoming ethical leaders who can foster change in the world.  We emphasize the word "becoming" because of this course, although intellectually rigorous, is not merely a school exercise.  In addition to completing academic requirements (complex readings, lively discussions, and written papers), students will practice, and reflect on leadership in the team Leadership Challenge practicum.  Students will integrate knowing and doing in order to become more ethical and effective leaders. 


  • Integrate leadership topics and experiences with academic theory.

  • Use advanced critical thinking skills to evidence knowledge, competencies, and skills related to leadership theory and practice by examining contemporary leadership challenges.

  • Apply ethical principles, especially under circumstances of multiple acceptable but potentially competing for values.

  • Justify decision-making processes that demonstrate the ability to synthesize prior knowledge to effect desirable, ethical outcomes.

Course Post:
The Capstone Leadership class allowed me to express my passion for leadership with other students who shared the same passion.  We got to practice, apply, and develop the knowledge we gained from the Lead 1000 class, the foundation classes, and our co-curricular experiences.  We got assigned leadership challenge groups and a non-profit organization to work with for the semester. Each group partnered with the non-profit organization and tried to accomplish the goal that the organization set at the beginning of the semester.  I got the opportunity of working with KGNU Radio Station.  KGNU is an independent, non-commercial, community radio station for Boulder and Denver.  KGNU asked our group to help them develop an effective kit that volunteers could bring to concerts and events to conduct outreach for the radio station.  They also asked our group to help find ways to reach out to college-aged students.  This challenge that KGNU gave our leadership team allowed us to practice our leadership skills in tough settings.  The VPOA attached goes into further details of the leadership challenge.  During the semester, we focused on readings that could further our understanding of the leadership studies and that could help us with our leadership challenges.  The readings help facilitate in class discussions each week.  I really liked the in-class discussions because each student in the class has a completely different background so they interpret the readings differently than I do as well as everyone has different experiences to apply as examples.  The diversity in the class helps me develop my thoughts on the different leadership theories and on different settings you can apply these theories.