Leadership Application

COMM 1600: Group Interaction
Course Description:
Covers basic theories, concepts, and characteristics that underlie face-to-face interaction in interpersonal, small group, and organized settings.  Activities stress the development of both task and relational skills in these settings.  


Leadership application is the knowledge of how to persuade, guide, build, and develop teams of diverse individuals and to direct those individuals as a team in the accomplishment of shared goals.

  • Critically examine one's strengths and weaknesses in motivating others to accomplish a defined goal

  • Contrast differing leadership approaches and theoretical perspectives in directing others

  • Design diverse teams to maximize team performance

  • Construct mechanisms to evaluate the performance of others in a work group and to use that assessment to positively influence others' behavior

Course Post:
Group Interaction was a course that allowed me to develop my leadership skills in small group settings.  This class taught me many things about how to effectively work with a group that is all new people to my life.  In this class, we got assigned to random groups of 5.  With our groups, we completed different simulations that made us apply what we were learning in class to real life situations.  After the simulations, we did different forms of reflections so we could really analyze what each one of our strengths and weaknesses are and to make sure we applied the theories being taught in class.  The First time my group met together we established group goals of wanting to do well in the class and not wanting to procrastinate.  We established the best form of communication for each person and what times and days’ work best for each member to meet outside of class.  Coming up with these common goals and norms made it easy to keep each other accountable for their work and it made us work together effectively.  Although none of us knew each other before the semester started as we did the simulations and reflections together we got to know each other better and made me realize on how helpful it was to be in a group that each one of us had such different backgrounds.  Since we all had such different backgrounds there were always multiple perspectives on any given situation.  Seeing things from other perspectives helped me understand the group interaction theories we were learning.